Liebster Award ii

10:25:00 AM

Assalamualaikum dan hi ^^

Kali ini, di nominate oleh Hohoy.. hee hari tu Iola dah jawab dan follow rules from other two bloggers..jadi for this time being, i would just answer questions given only ^^..takkan nak buat banyak-banyak kali rules..hee tak special la kan =)

Soalan daripada Hohoy

  • 1. what is the name of your first pet? i don't have my own pet..but if i had one, i would name it iola or shimin.. (iola actually named for my virtual cat..i played the sims..*sigh*)
  • 2. do you have a crush? yeah i did 
  • 3. If someone say that he/she loves you, what would you say? Thank you :)
  • 4. What color shirt are you wearing now? Light orange
  • you ever feel awkward? with whom? nope,at this moment
  • 6. hobby? playing games or crafting
  • 7. Who is beside you now? nobody
  • 8. are we friends? we're blogger friends 
  • 9. what is your real name? Prefer to know me Iola Caviar. Would love to remain anonymous for a while..hee
  • 10. favorite place for holiday? the only place i spend holidays was only at Langkawi. Dreaming to visit other places as well.
  • 11. Do you really feel annoying with this question? haha sorry. naah..i'm bored currently and i do have time to answer.


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  1. Fiza pun dpt.. tapi tak jawab lg.. gd luck... >_<


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