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Due to your inactivity on 8Share for the past 3 months your account has been deactivated.
Read 8Share's Terms of Use
All your earning has been reset to zero and you will not be able to cash out the amount that you had before.
To reactivate your account, please log in to your 8Share account.
Your account will start fresh again.
P.S. Need assistance with your account? Just reply to this email anytime or call us at +603-7710 0180 ext. 600 during office hours (Mon-Fri, 10am - 6pm).
8Share Community Relations
appu.... i baru je buka 2 weeks after this email was sent.
padan muka, sapa suruh tak active...
habis earning huu tak de rezeki ku

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  1. Appuuuuuuuu... Akai rai. Hahahaha
    Takpe, in shaa Allah nanti adalah rezeki datang dalam pelbagai cara,
    In shaa Allah :)


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